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When Was The Last Time You Had Your Spine Checked?

A Natural Method To Help Your Body Heal

Are you struggling with headaches, low back pain, neck pain or maybe even other health conditions that you never thought Chiropractic could help?

  • Do you sit more than 1 hour at a time each day?
  • Do you ever have a hard time opening a jar?
  • Can you stand on one leg with your eyes closed for 30 seconds without falling over?

These are signs that you may have a spine that is not as healthy as it once was and are heading toward some very serious health consequences. A Spinal Health Assessment can help you discover valuable insights that can help you get out of pain and get back to doing the things you love to do.

Do you know if your spine is healthy or not?

Do you know if you are developing arthritis, even though you can’t feel it?

How do you know the answers to these questions?

chiropractic-my spine

Call our office and ask for the comprehensive Spinal Health Assessment. It will include evidence based, functional testing that will give you a clear picture of the health status of your spine. You will receive a 17 page printed, easy-to-understand report that will detail your spinal health and how it is impacting your overall health. Our Chiropractor will help you make changes and get back to feeling healthy again.

One of the challenges that folks experience when they visit a health care practitioner is that they don’t feel heard. On your first visit, we take the time to listen to your health concerns. We also know how to ask you the right questions to help you get to know why you are struggling.

New Patient Special

Getting your spine checked will be one of the best gifts you could give yourself. Your first visit in our office will include a consultation, a comprehensive Spinal Health Assessment, and any necessary x-rays if indicated. You could pay $250 for this elsewhere. In our office it is only $99.

Not sure if you are ready to invest $99? Call our office and ask for our free 15 minute consultation with Dr. Brad. Our friendly staff will set a time that he can listen to you and let you know if he feels like he is the right place for you. If he can’t help you, he has a great network of wholistic health practitioners and he will do his best to get you to the right place. Either way, you can get started on a path that will get you feeling healthy and pain free again.

Straight Chiropractic in Rio Rancho, New Mexico has over fifty 5 Star Google reviews. Dr. Brad Fackrell has been helping folks feel better for over 20 years. Are you ready for him to help you?

Do you want to feel better right away?

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