Are Vaccinations Safe?

vaccination safetyThe safety of vaccines has been in question and is a hot topic causing controversy between governments, parents, children and wellness advocates.

Why do the vaccines attack the cells in the body? The way a vaccine is made is they place chemicals and agents into the serum and the trick is to try to get the body to react intensely enough to cause an immune response, the stronger the immune response the longer the immunity is proclaimed to be.

There are several reasons this is not a risk free way to “trick” the immune system, here are just a few….

80% of your immune system is located in the tissues of the nasal passages and GI tract, therefore whole basis of an injected vaccine is unnatural. Injecting a vaccine deep into the muscular tissue which is a highly abnormal route of entry into the immune system, therefore the likelihood of an abnormal reaction occurs, especially in small children with brand new immune systems.

Mutant antigen must be added for your body to react to it. The only one approved in the United States is Alum, an aluminum compound. The aluminum not only causes an intense reaction moves to the brain and stays there for a lifetime. Every vaccine that you get accumulates more and more aluminum over a person’s lifetime. And you thought removing Mercury would make it all that much better.

Getting the full immunizations required for school entrance is an immense amount of aluminum being distributed into the brain in a short amount of time on highly sensitive brain tissue.

Don’t forget a flu and pneumonia vaccine is recommended YEARLY for adults! The flu vaccine adds in another complication because not only do you get a yearly full dose of aluminum but also of mercury. These two metals react in the body in a very destructive way to neurons causing them to retract and tangle. Tissue in this state is what describes the brain tissue of an Alzheimer’s patient.

You have to realize that diseases like Autism and Alzheimer’s are on the rise, and absorbing metals is a daily activity for some people (do you ever wear antiperspirant?). Now add in your yearly flu and pneumonia vaccine, not to mention they are telling you not to forget about your “new” Shingles vaccine as well. Now add in the fresh seafood and canned tuna you eat, only to name a few. Worried yet?

Much of this information was derived from the website of Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon.

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  1. I’m with you on the flu shots. I refuse to get them even thguoh my work provides them for free. The flu shot only covers a few strains out of hundreds and the h1n1 was just thrown together and given en masse to the public- I’m not putting that crap in my body. I take lots of tasty herbal antivirals.

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