Are you Addicted to Sugar?

sugar affects immune systemAny idea how that affects immune function?

Sugar is in ALMOST everything we eat. Breads, cereals, beverages, every sauce you can think of and with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner there is no end. It is no wonder the fall months kick off a flu epidemic! Here are but a FEW of its effects on our physiologies:

  • It leads to insulin resistance.
  • It promotes inflammation in the body, if you have a problem it makes it worse.
  • It can lead to weight gain when ingested, this we already knew.
  • It contributes to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It is the same as “alcohol without the buzz.”
  • It acts like fertilizer for cancer cells. EEEK!

Now those are just SOME effects on the body that everyone would like to avoid. Now let us discuss the direct effect on Immune Function.

White blood cells or leukocytes, are found in the body and contain a nucleus and cytoplasm and help protect the body from infection and disease through specialized neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes. These cells are able to attack foreign organisms that enter the bod,  isolate them and break them apart. Sugar does not reduce the number of these types of cells HOWEVER it does slow them down quite a bit. A study documented in the book 18 days to No More Ritalin by Dr. Robert DeMaria came to the following conclusion.

  • Normal white blood cells are able to ingest 14 bacteria every half hour with no sugar found in the blood stream.
  • If a person consumes one 8oz soda (6tbsp of sugar) the WBC can only consume 10 bacteria per half hour. That is a 25% decrease!
  • If a person consumes 18tbsp of sugar the WBC can only consume 2 bacteria per half hour! That is an 85% decrease!

So coming upon this holiday season, and “flu season”, remember to maintain your adjustments to keep your nervous system functioning optimally. Also, remember……