Are You Heading Toward an Early Death?

Is the path you are on taking you toward health, longevity and quality of life or toward an early death?

I recently got word that a friend of ours who was about my age, 51, passed away from a heart attack. There was no warning. No previous doctor visits that told him he had high blood pressure or any other sign that he wasn’t doing just fine. He was just an ordinary guy, waking up every morning, kissing his wife goodbye when he went to work, coming home in the evening, eating dinner with his wife, going to bed and getting up the next day to do it all over again. The problem was that his ordinary day consisted of ordinary, unhealthy habits that were leading him down the path to an early death.

I see new folks frequently that are in denial regarding their habits. They think they are doing everything right. They are bewildered as to why “all of a sudden” this new symptom is plaguing them.

Does your ordinary day consist of good habits that will take you down the path that you want to be on? It’s likely you already know many of the healthy habits you should be doing. Are you chronically making poor health choices or do they just happen occasionally. Do you justify your “occasional” when it really does happen too frequently?

The health of your body is a direct result of the health of your habits. If you want help re-evaluating your health habits, ask someone on our team to have a self assessed, Health Risk Assessment (HRA) emailed to you. The HRA will help you determine the truth of your future based on the current habits you possess. Sometimes it helps to have a little focused guidance as you go about your ordinary day.

Not very many things happen “all of a sudden.” Our daily habits are either taking us on a path that we want to be on, leading toward health, longevity and quality of life or toward an early death.

Are you ready to change any of your habits?