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Chiropractic Helps with Bedwetting Problems

Bedwetting is one of the biggest sources of embarrassment for a bedwetting child and even more so for a bedwetting teen. Tragically, as 2% of all 19 year olds still wet the bed!

The brain controls and regulates the bladder and every other cell, tissue, organ and system of the body. Compromise or distortion of nerve messages between the brain and the bladder can result in a loss of bladder control.

Nerve impulses leave the brain, travel down the spinal cord and then out between spinal bones to service the bladder. Many bedwetting children and teenagers suffer nerve interference from spinal bones in their lower back where nerves exit the spinal column. The predictable result? Bedwetting.

The symptom may be bedwetting, but the cause is nerve interference. Fortunately, chiropractors have been successfully helping bedwetters for over a century.

Chiropractic care locates spinal misalignments that can affect the nerves that travel to the bladder and communicate with the brain. Chiropractic adjustments will enhance the ability of the body to restore proper function to the nerves that control the muscles that are responsible for bladder control. These adjustments can be effective in reducing or even eliminating the number of wet nights your child has.


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