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It’s time to forget the Cholesterol and begin to address the inflammation that is the real cause of heart disease. The multi-billion dollar industry that has created Statin drugs will not like the future, now that the truth is reaching mainstream media. Please watch this informative video from CBN News that discusses how cholesterol is not the issue in heart disease. The real problem is the inflammation. I love the analogy that Health reporter Lori
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Do you think that Chiropractors, with their limited education, should be able to prescribe drugs? Please click the links above to share this on Facebook and Twitter Please Sign our Online Petition The following is from the current president of the International Chiropractic Association.  If you feel as I do that this bill should be defeated, please help us by making some phone calls. On Friday, February 8, 2013 New Mexico Senate Bill 471 (NM
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There is absolutely no excuse for the actions of a 15-year-old boy killing his own family. This has been more than just a shocking event for our community. While the news has been portraying 15-year-old Nehemiah as a terrible person, we knew him differently.  For our team it has been a week filled with tears, bad dreams, disgust, disappointment, and confusion.  We appreciate the cards, hugs, sympathy and kind words that many have shared with

October 31, 2012

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Just how bad is it?

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High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is in almost EVERYTHING these days. There are many pros and cons that can be debated around this topic and according to the HFCS sponsored website “it’s okay” but they do state, it is, ‘okay in moderation just like any other sugar-like product.’ You do the research, preferably not on a website that promotes a certain product. For example, if you want to do research on how milk affects our
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October 25, 2012

Are you Addicted to Sugar?

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Any idea how that affects immune function? Sugar is in ALMOST everything we eat. Breads, cereals, beverages, every sauce you can think of and with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner there is no end. It is no wonder the fall months kick off a flu epidemic! Here are but a FEW of its effects on our physiologies: It leads to insulin resistance. It promotes inflammation in the body, if you have a
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There has been increasing concern about the amount of arsenic in rice products, especially when it comes to rice products for youngsters. If you are eating strict Paleo, there is nothing to fear about. However, many individuals in the paleo group think rice is relatively harmless and most individuals can “tolerate” it. Personally, if I’m going to eat some carbohydrates, I’ll choose something a lot more tasty instead of merely a filler. However, if you
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The immune system performs a very complex part of your overall health. We all know the immune system is what protects us from the “terrible germs” of the cold and flu. It protects us from disease and even protects us from infection when we get a scrape on our knee. Lymphoid tissue which is found in the spleen, lymph nodes and thymus are your immune system “warehouses” if you will. It is where the production
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The safety of vaccines has been in question and is a hot topic causing controversy between governments, parents, children and wellness advocates. Why do the vaccines attack the cells in the body? The way a vaccine is made is they place chemicals and agents into the serum and the trick is to try to get the body to react intensely enough to cause an immune response, the stronger the immune response the longer the immunity
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September 29, 2012

Posture Exercises for Kids

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Here in Albuquerque school will be starting today, in Rio Rancho in a couple of weeks. With students going back to school means long hours sitting, carrying a heavy backpack, returning to sports activities and increases in emotional stress. All three of these things can cause subluxation, which as we all know takes us away from optimal health. Here are a few exercises to help prevent poor posture in children. SITTING STRETCHES These are done
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August 8, 2012

Tips on Backpack Safety for Kids

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Summer is almost over, back-to-school shopping is unavoidable and the endless backpack options can be a real pain in the neck. Backpacks are a necessity in the everyday life of a student, but used improperly a backpack can strain muscles and joints causing subluxation, forward head posture and even back pain. Improper backpack use can also lead to poor posture. Girls and younger kids may be especially at risk for backpack-related injuries because they’re smaller
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