Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

Considering that breast cancer is now one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers on the planet, simple interventions like this one could save countless numbers of lives. A recent report adds to the growing evidence that omega-3 supplements may play a role in preventing chronic disease. Regular use of fish oil supplements, which contain high levels of the omega-3 EPA and DHA has been linked with a 32 percent reduced risk of breast cancer (invasive ductal breast cancer which is the most common). This was a phenomenal discovery.

Anther preventative supplementation is Vitamin D3. Vitamin D has a protective effect against cancer as well. It increases the self destruction of mutated cells which if they replicate could lead to cancer. This will also reduce the spread and reproduction of cancer cells. Vitamin D can also cause cells to become differentiated, a property that cancer cells lack. The active form of Vitamin D (calcitrol) can induce a tumor suppressing protein that inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells specifically.  Which means it aids in treatment, not just prevention.

There are a few other steps you may take to prevent breast cancer

  • Be as lean as possible without being underweight. A healthy body mass index is being defined as being above 18.5 but no greater than 25. Women that are closer to the lower end of the healthy weight range have the most protection from breast cancer.
  • Reduce sugar/fructose intake. Fructose is especially dangerous as research shows it actually speeds up cancer growth.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Some activity is better than none, but the more, the better
  • Limit alcohol consumption. If you drink at all, limit your intake to one serving per day.
  • Breast feed. New mothers should breast-feed exclusively for at a minimum of six months but it is recommended to go a full year. It is beneficial for both mom and baby.
  • Of course, your Fish oil and vitamin D supplementation

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