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Vitamin D3

3 Keys to Reducing Inflammation

The 3 most important keys to reducing inflammation start with a clearer picture of why you have inflammation. Only then are you properly able to address it. Localized inflammation can be caused from some sort of repetitive trauma or a major injury. Systemic inflammation is most commonly caused because of toxicity in the cells or deficiency of nutrients in the cells. Localized inflammation due to injury will be addressed in a different article. 3 keys …

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3 reasons you may need a chiropractor in Rio Rancho

Going to a chiropractor can be one of the most relaxing things you’ve done in a longtime. There are many reasons to go see a chiropractor in Rio Rancho. Here are the 3 top reasons why you should: 1) You are in Pain One of the top reasons why most people need a chiropractor in Rio Rancho is because they are in pain. Chiropractors are known to work their magic for chronic pain in most …

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Three Keys to Finding a Chiropractor in Rio Rancho

Most people don’t consider these three keys to finding a Chiropractor in Rio Rancho. “I want to get rid of my pain!” or “I want to be healthier!” or better still “I want both!” Key one is deciding on a pain or symptom oriented Chiropractor vs. a Wellness Oriented Chiropractor. First recognize that the Wellness oriented Chiropractor will almost certainly address getting rid of your pain whether you simply choose pain relief or you choose …

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Doctored Movie Night

Join us for Movie Night, complete with Popcorn on July 30th, Tuesday evening at 5:30 This is the movie that the AMA doesn’t want you to see. Has our society has been “Doctored!” Is medicine really HealthCare? Every year 125,000 people die from properly prescribed medications. Yet there are so many people in our country that are sick. What are the alternatives? How can you help your body heal? Watch this movie trailer then join …

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Posture Exercises for Kids

Here in Albuquerque school will be starting today, in Rio Rancho in a couple of weeks. With students going back to school means long hours sitting, carrying a heavy backpack, returning to sports activities and increases in emotional stress. All three of these things can cause subluxation, which as we all know takes us away from optimal health. Here are a few exercises to help prevent poor posture in children. SITTING STRETCHES These are done …

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Why You Should Live Like a Chicken?

I am surprised when I visit with people to see just how many people have poor sleep quality and are not able to sleep well. So today I wanted to give some quick ideas on helping you improve the quality of your sleep, just in case you are struggling in this area. Some people fall asleep easily but just wake up after a few hours unable to go back to sleep. Other people have a …

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