Chiropractic Care

Are Vaccinations Safe?

The safety of vaccines has been in question and is a hot topic causing controversy between governments, parents, children and wellness advocates. Why do the vaccines attack the cells in the body? The way a vaccine is made is they place chemicals and agents into the serum and the trick is to try to get the body to react intensely enough to cause an immune response, the stronger the immune response the longer the immunity …

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Tips on Backpack Safety for Kids

Summer is almost over, back-to-school shopping is unavoidable and the endless backpack options can be a real pain in the neck. Backpacks are a necessity in the everyday life of a student, but used improperly a backpack can strain muscles and joints causing subluxation, forward head posture and even back pain. Improper backpack use can also lead to poor posture. Girls and younger kids may be especially at risk for backpack-related injuries because they’re smaller …

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Long Drives and Chiropractic Care

Long drives and chiropractic care go hand in hand. When taking that cross country summer vacation do you begin to notice that if your breaks are far apart exiting, the car you feel one thousand years old? Well maybe not one thousand, but pretty close. What happens is your spine, when erect in standing posture, is used to being in a neutral position. Sitting for extended periods of time in a car will cause your …

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