Chiroopractors and Injection for Back Pain

Back Pain

A severe back pain can create debilitating effects on a person’s quality of life. The reaasons for back pain may be several – sedentary life style, non-ergonomic furniture, sports injuries or even accidents. However, most people suffer the pain in silence because they are not aware of options that exist for them. When the pain becomes unbearable and they visit their primary doctors, most are advised to take a corticosteroid injection for the pain in their spinal column.

Looking at the unregulated practice of these injections for back pain, the FDA has recently issued a warning that injecting corticosteroids into the epidural space of the spine may cause adverse effects such as loss of vision, stroke, paralysis and in some extreme cases, even death. The FDA is also requiring the addition of a warning to drug labels to describe these risks and advising patients to discuss the injections with their doctors.

Chiropractors know that this practice of steroid injections is the equivalent of using a military tank when a simple knife would do. Most of these cases can be easily treated by experienced chiropractors, who can further advise if more specialized and risky treatments are needed. Taking an injection for back pain is not a permanent solution – most cases re-occur in a few months or years. Additionally, these steroid injections can cause accelerated arthritic and degenerative changes atthe place where the injection is inserted.

Avoid the pain and suffering that can come with risky injections for back pain. Exhaust your conservative treatment options first – visit an experienced Chiropractor who can guide you along the right path.