Forget Cholesterol, Inflammation is the Real Cause of Heart Disease

Cholesterol inflammation heart diseaseIt’s time to forget the Cholesterol and begin to address the inflammation that is the real cause of heart disease.

The multi-billion dollar industry that has created Statin drugs will not like the future, now that the truth is reaching mainstream media. Please watch this informative video from CBN News that discusses how cholesterol is not the issue in heart disease. The real problem is the inflammation.

I love the analogy that Health reporter Lori Johnson gives in this segment. It is very similar to one that I have shared for years.

Imagine that you come home from work one day and your house is on fire. Not only your house but all the houses on your block, all up in flames. Then you notice all the firemen around your house and all the others, diligently working on extinguishing the flames. However, you were not there when the fires started. What was the cause of the fires? Then, after quick deductive reasoning you figure it out.

The fires were not there in the morning when you left. You come home and see all the firemen. Therefore, the firemen brought the fires, right?

Of course not. That’s absurd. Just because the firemen are in the same place as the fires does not mean that they “caused” the fires.

This is the same thing that happens inside our bodies. Cholesterol happens to be in the same place as the plaquing of the arteries but it is not the “cause” of the plaquing of the arteries.

The question then is what is causing the plaquing. The answer is simple: Inflammation.

Please watch this 13 minute video. Ms. Johnson does a great job of explaining this relationship between inflammation and heart disease and how cholesterol is not to blame.

I also want to thank my good friend David Csonka over at Naturally Engineered for bringing this video to my attention.

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