Get Rid of Your Pain


You want to get rid of your pain, right? The information in this article will help you get rid of pain sooner and help it stay away longer as you apply it.


The short answer to getting rid of your pain is to create joint movement but I want to explain why movement of the joints will help you decrease pain.  In order to explain the physiology I will explain some technical terms…Stay with me.


First there is Nociception. Nociception is a perception of decreased motion to a joint that was designed to move.  In other words, if the joint does not move then nociceptors (nerve endings) are stimulated and send a message to your subconscious brain. If enough of these nociceptive impulses are sent to the subconscious brain then there are further impulses sent to the conscious brain that is interpreted by your brain as the emotion of pain.


So in short, decreased motion causes nociception which may not be perceived as pain initially, however, over time, nociception will lead to pain.


Second, there is proprioception, which are impulses sent to the subconscious brain when movement takes place at the joint. So if a joint is moving freely, impulses are sent to the subconscious brain and will “block” the transmission of nociception from reaching the conscious brain.  As a result, you will not feel the emotion of pain.

So in a simplistic way, you either have nociception or proprioception, not both. Ideally, your joint motion is not restricted and you have more proprioception than nociception.


Another benefit of proprioception is the production of ATP (energy required for the function of every cell in your body). This is why so many people tell me that they have more energy after getting adjusted for just a short while.


So one of the biggest factors in relieving pain is to create and keep full range of motion to every joint in your body. This is why Chiropractic adjustments can help you get rid of pain. The adjustment creates motion in a joint that has been restricted.