September 18th, 1895, the very first Chiropractic adjustment was given and it had nothing to do with back pain. You should go check out that story here. 

So this year we will be celebrating the birthday of Chiropractic during our normal adjustment hours on Tuesday September 18th from 4 to 6:30 PM. Come join the party.

We will have healthy, Paleo Dark Chocolate for anyone that comes in that day. You can see how to make these chocolates here.

We will also have free Straight chiropractic T-shirts for all existing patients while supplies last.

Why do we do this? Because Chiropractic was never intended to be a treatment for back and neck pain. It is a fundamental need to correct subluxation that could be interfering with your body’s innate healing ability.

So all week, Monday September 17th through Thursday September 20th, all new patient exams will be offered at $18. This is a $250 value that we discount for most folks who are interested in wellness for just $99. So $18 is quite a deal. This includes the consultation, Spinal Health Assessment and any necessary x-rays if indicated.

So tell all your friends and let us help them get on their way to better health.