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Neck Stretches

Stretching the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle for Neck Pain

Stretches to Improve Forward Head Posture

Lateral Neck Stretch to Prevent Headachs and Neck Pain

Lower Back Stretches

Stretches on the Floor for Gerneralized Lower Back Pain

Twist Stretch for Generalized Lower Back Pain

Stretching Hampstring for Lower Back Pain

Stretches to Prevent Sciatic Nerve Pain (On the Floor)

Stretches to Prevent Sciatic Nerve Pain (Seated)

Streatching Hip Flexors for Lower Back Pain

Stretching Pecs to Prevent Forward Head Posture

Other Stretches

Stretching the Iliotibial Tract Band for Knee Pain

Stretching that Improves Calf Pain

Stretching the Quad to Prevent Knee Pain

Stretching the Iliotibial Band with a Foam Roller