My Chiropractor Got Me Pregnant

Over the years we have had several couples that had not been able to get pregnant and after getting checked in our office, then started a Wellness Adjustment protocol, they got pregnant.

So I told my wife that we needed to run an advertisement with the headline, “My Chiropractor Got Me Pregnant.”  It would definitely catch attention, right?  We opted to not run the ad.  We figured there may be some negative publicity…but it would have been humorous, don’t you think?

The key is that there are thousands of couples each year that are treated for infertility.  While Chiropractic or our office is not a cure for infertility, if subluxation is causing interference in your brain’s ability to communicate to any part of your body, including the reproductive area, then removing or reducing subluxation may improve your situation.  It may even help you get pregnant.

One couple that this happened with was a young lady that began working for me in 2004.  She and her husband had spent tens of thousands of dollars on fertility, in hopes to be parents.  After applying for a job in my office and getting specific Chiropractic care to reduce and remove the nerve interference caused from subluxation, 3 months later they got pregnant.

It’s all about balance

How do you know if your infertility issues could be helped through Chiropractic care?  And how could infertility be caused from your spine not being aligned properly?  Wouldn’t a mis-aligned spine be painful?

A mis-aligned spine does not always have to cause back pain.

Because of the neurologic wiring of the body, and because nerves pass from the spine and pelvis and go to reproductive organs, the lack of movement of joints of the spine and/or pelvis (hips) and/or skull can cause disturbances in hormonal balance. The body can only tell us via the muscles, which have similar nerve supply as the organs, that there is a problem when no disease is present…. So we need to understand that fertility is the result of an extremely complicated symphony of hormonal functions of several glands in the body, including the pituitary, ovaries, adrenal and thyroid, working without nerve interference and properly nourished.

Chiropractic care isn’t a fertility treatment, however. Chiropractic care does not treat infertility. Rather, we care for the person who is experiencing fertility issues. By removing any interference in the nerve system, the body can come back into balance and function optimally. After starting chiropractic care, many women report that their menstrual cycles are regular for the first time in their lives.