Meet Tina

I used to suffer with allergies almost year- round. I was taking 2 different over- the- counter medications almost daily just to make my allergies manageable through my chiropractic care. I no longer have to invest so much into medications just to help “mask” the symptoms. At young age my daughter was taking over- the- counter allergy medicine to help control her allergies and ear infections. Approximately every 4-6 weeks she had a new ear infection and a new prescription for an antibiotic. I investigated ear tube surgery because of her frequent ear infections. She started getting adjusted when she was 2 ½ years old. She is no longer on any medication for her allergies and has not had an antibiotic since! My son who was born 6 weeks premature received his first adjustment at 3 weeks old, while still in the hospital. Because of his prematurity, he had difficulty eating and breathing at the same time without his heart rate dropping. After his second adjustment, he was able to finish his bottle without any difficulties! He also was diagnosed with sever acid reflux and was on medication for it. Though is chiropractic care however he was able to discontinue the medications and his reflux subsided. Since he has been adjusted weekly and is now almost 1 year old, he has had only 2 colds! Pretty good for a preemie! This is why my family is under chiropractic care.