Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


We at Straight Chiropractic wanted to take a moment and share our gratitude for you in trusting our office with your health.  We recognize that your health is your greatest asset and you take it seriously and so do we.

2011 has brought many great changes to our office and to many people.


  • Our website is taking on a new look.  It is still under construction but we are excited about it because we will be able to update it in house which will make announcements like snowy weather closures possible.
  • Also we have tried to make the site more functional.  Like we have everything for new patrons under one tab and then everything for existing patrons in another tab, like the adjustment hours.  These changes are making the site a lot cleaner with less clutter.
  • BTW, with all the recent struggles regarding drugs trying to come into our profession, we are attempting to distance ourselves from the medically oriented chiropractic offices.   Our goal is to change the paradigm of New Mexicans from treating sickness or disease to creating health.  Therefore, we will not be using the term “Patients” anymore.  You are people or patrons.  Please forgive us if we slip up occasionally as it has been the communication of our office for a long time.
  • In 2011 we have fully implemented our nutritional coaching program that can be found at  If you haven’t been to that website and signed up for that newsletter, we encourage you to do so
  • 2 other big changes for our office is the unfortunate progression of Chris moving to Ohio to start his own practice.  But we are very grateful that Evelina has joined our team.  She is bringing something very different and enlightening to our office and we are excited for how she will be helping us with our mission.


Based on some of the feedback that we received from our surveys that you may have participated in, there are a few positive improvements that are planned for 2012


  • We will occasionally have workshops on Thursday nights to accommodate those who couldn’t make it on Tuesdays.  If that was you, we encourage you to take full advantage so that we can keep them.
  • In the beginning of 2012 we will be unveiling our new app, for those i-phone and adroid smart phone users.  The app will have some pretty cool things.  Like you will be able to set up your appointment schedule to have reminders.  The app will also make it very easy for you to share things with your friends when you are talking chiropractic with them.
  • We are in the process of improving our communication with you so that we can make sure we are always addressing your needs.  If you ever have something that you feel you need to address with anyone on our team, please let us know.
  • There are some other behind the scenes changes that we have made and will be making to make your experience in our office better.



So again, we thank you for being part of our office in 2011 and we look forward to a great 2012 and beyond.