Posture Exercises for Kids

Improve your Posture - Straight Chiropractic - Rio Rancho, NMHere in Albuquerque school will be starting today, in Rio Rancho in a couple of weeks. With students going back to school means long hours sitting, carrying a heavy backpack, returning to sports activities and increases in emotional stress. All three of these things can cause subluxation, which as we all know takes us away from optimal health. Here are a few exercises to help prevent poor posture in children.

SITTING STRETCHES These are done from a seated position to help lengthen the spine and relieve pain in the back. Your child can complete sitting exercises anytime. Your child should sit up straight in a chair, and then stretch their back as though they were trying to touch their shoulder blades together. Hold the stretch for five to 10 seconds.

When sitting in a chair, your child has the best posture when he sits with a straight back a few inches away from the back of the chair. Slip a tennis ball between their back and the back of the chair and challenge them to hold it in place. They need to sit up straight and maintain good posture to keep the tennis ball in its place.

Teaching your child to maintain a straight spine can help prevent back pain, but if your child is already complaining about back pain, back exercises can help straighten out their back and strengthen their muscles while showing them the right way to stand. Wall angels are done just like snow angels, only your child completes them up against a wall. Instruct your child to stand with their back against the wall, and then raise their hands overhead while maintaining continuous contact with the wall. They will be standing straight and stretching her back concurrently.

And lastly remember to maintain your child’s adjustments. During the school year schedules can be hectic, but reducing subluxation and getting adjusted has resulted less sick days used for both school and work.