All About Spinal Hygiene

It is evident in the literature that every joint in the body must go through full range of motion every 24 hours or arthritis is developing. Getting Chiropractic care helps to break up scar tissue to create motion where it is limited but it is really not practical to get adjusted every day the rest of your life. This is where spinal hygiene comes in.

Spinal hygiene exercises are not the same as aerobic or resistance exercise. Those types of exercise are also very important. Spinal hygiene exercises  create movement in the joints that are able to move. The adjustments help those joints that are not able to move freely. By doing both, adjustments and spinal hygiene, you are able to increase the range of motion in your spine. This will improve the function of your body by improving the function of your nerve system.

Feel free to browse through the spinal hygiene videos to more fully understand why you need to get your spine moving and how to do it. I recommend starting with understanding the big picture, watch this one first.

Backpack Analogy:
Did you know that just because you don’t feel pain in your back it may not be in a state of health? Watch this video to understand how your spinal health may be slipping away.

Spinal Hygiene:
What happens to your brain function when you do not have full range of motion in your spine? Watch this video to find out.

Use Your Head:
Now that you’ve watched the Spinal Hygiene Video you know how important it is to get your spine moving. Watch this video to find out how to do it.¬†

Helpful Stretches:
In order to increase mobility and decrease pain it is important to stretch those muscles. click here to see different stretches that will help.

Do This Test Weekly:
Do you know how your proprioception is? There is a simple test that you can do at home to see if you are being diligent enough with your spinal hygiene. Good spinal hygiene means good proprioception.