Improve Your SHA Score

Many folks beleive that the health of their spine is directly proportional to their level of pain. Meaning that if you feel good and have no pain your spine must be in a healthy state. This would be similar to beleiving that your teeth were healthy and have no cavities when they don’t hurt. Or even that your heart is 100% healthy if you’ve never had a heart attack and you don’t know that you have 90% occlusion of the major arteries feeding your heart muscle.

This is why it is imperative that you have your spine checked by someone competent and able to give you feedback on how healthy your spine actually is. After all, your nerves that exit the tiny holes in between each of the vertebrae in your spine feed and receive information to and from all your vital organs like your heart, lungs, pancreas and  everything else.

This is why in our office we utilize a system that will quantify the actual health of your spine for you. Many visits to the chiropractor leave you feeling better but with no idea of things you can do on your own to minimize future pain episodes or why it started hurting in the first place. This is why on your first visit to our office you will receive a Spinal Health Assessment, SHA for short,  that will help your chiropractor and you know exactly how healthy your spine is.

After a thorough analysis of your SHA on your first visit you will receive a 17 page printed report  and recommendations for improvement. Included in your report will be your SHA score. This is a number between zero and a hundred that will give you an overall picture of your spinal health. A score of 90 or above means that you are in spinal health homeostasis, a healthy state. If your score is less than 90, this means that you are no longer in homeostasis. Instead you are in a state of allostasis. This means that your body is doing it’s best to adapt to stressors that are interfering with your health, and sometimes even causing you some pain.

The goal would be to move toward a score of 90 which is homeostasis.

If your goal is to have a score of 90 or above and you have not had a SHA, call our office now to schedule your Spinal Health Assessment.

If you have already had a SHA and you would like your score and your health to improve, I encourage you to use the resources on our site. A great place to start would be to read this blog post where I discuss 8 Ways To Improve Your SHA Score.

You can also click on any of the videos below to find out more of what you can do to improve your situation.

Understanding Homeostasis and Allostasis and the Backpack Analogy

Spinal Hygiene Video


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