Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Women

hormonal imbalance in womenHormonal imbalance can be one of the many causes of many of the frustrations in a woman’s life. These hormone imbalances are not due to monthly cycles but due to higher levels of stress, and fatigue. In this day and age a woman is not only a leader in the workforce with a full time job, but a full time caregiver as well. Women in today’s society have to deal with much more stress in this day and age than just raising a family.  This stress can wreak havoc on the metabolic and hormonal system of her body.

Cortisol is a huge player in the game of hormone balancing in the female body. Testosterone and the thyroid gland are important as well however, an imbalance in overpowering or deficient cortisol levels will cause the reception of these other hormones to malfunction as well. This will leave you having symptoms but with normal blood levels of these hormones leaving the medical team examining the patient at a dead end.

This “mystery” from imbalanced cortisol levels will cause

  • Low melatonin production causing inadequate sleep patterns
  • Decreased  energy
  • Weight loss or gain especially around the middle due to more insulin needed to utilize glucose
  • Hyper/hypo thyroid-like symptoms with adequate serum levels
  • Low testosterone, which decreases sex drive
  • Hot flashes with normal estrogen levels

That’s why chronic stress, which elevates cortisol levels, makes you feel so rotten—none of the hormones are allowed to work at optimal levels. Getting your regular chiropractic adjustments will increase your body’s ability to deal with an increase in stressors. Adding in adequate amounts of water, regular exercise and a proper diet will keep your body functioning to the best of its ability.