Symptoms or Causes-Numbness or Functional Restoration

                 Pain is only a SYMPTOM.        

It is easy to accept that when you have a tooth ache that you have a problem that is causing pain and that the pain is not the problem. The problem, whether it be a cracked tooth, decay or whatever, is the CAUSE of the pain and the pain is only a SYMPTOM.

A SYMPTOM is a very different thing than the CAUSE. The dentist could treat your symptom by giving you a shot to numb the pain. The pain will go away for a time but the underlying problem is still there. Instead, most of us would prefer that the dentist address the CAUSE so that the pain will go away and not come back. This is called functional restoration.

The care of your spine should be very similar to the care of your teeth. Many health care providers can do things to treat the SYMPTOMS that will help you numb the pain. You can take drugs, steroid injections, they could perform different “therapies” that will make you feel better or they could even provide non-specific manipulations to your spine at the areas of pain. This may release endorphins at the area and you could help you temporarily feel better. In a way, you have just numbed the pain. While these treatments of SYMPTOMS may improve the way you feel, none of them are addressing the cause.

If the CAUSE of your pain is subluxation then the only way to get lasting relief from your SYMPTOMS is to work at correcting the subluxations. This is called Functional Restoration. The adjustments you will be receiving in this office are designed to restore the motion in the areas of your spine that are not moving. This is the CAUSE of your SYMPTOMS.

By getting care in our office you have chosen to have functional restoration. We will not be numbing your symptoms. We will be helping you to have functional restoration. This will be accomplished as you get adjusted and do spinal hygiene daily to restore motion to your spine and as you take fish oil and vitamin D daily to provide the essential nutrients to reduce inflammation. By doing these things you are on your way to addressing the CAUSES so that you no longer have SYMPTOMS.

Question: When you get your adjustment today your chiropractor will ask you if you are working for pain relief or functional restoration and why you are making that choice.