What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of liver?


Is it the word “yuck”?






Do your olfactory receptors trigger memories of liver and onions frying in a pan at grandma’s house?




Or maybe you’ve heard it said that liver is where all the toxins in the body go to hang out and party and one should never put such a thing in their mouth.



Commonly used expressions do little to add to the social popularity of liver.  We say “lily-livered”, referring to one’s cowardice.  “What am I, chopped liver?”, is often used when someone is feeling left out or concerned that their efforts are not appreciated.  It’s no wonder that we have grown to have such a misguided and negative view of this super-food.

You may be thinking, “I wouldn’t touch liver with a ten foot pole!”  You almost have something in common with a tribe in Africa.  However, they revere liver as such a sacred delicacy that they cannot touch the meat with a ten foot pole.  Or rather they use their spears to handle the precious meat.  While most cultures have a method for cooking this “gourmet meat”, as Dr. Brad’s family calls it, most stop short of exalting it to the level of this African tribe.

Over the next several weeks I hope to shed some light on the benefits of the consumption of liver and make a valiant effort to quell some of your concerns and oppositions as well.  Although, if your taste buds send an unfavorable message to your brain when presented with a fork full of liver, there really is not much I can do to change that for you.  However, I hope these articles will serve to stimulate the intellectual side of your brain.  The same part that tells you that going to the gym, while you may hate every second of it, is actually good for you!