Why Do CrossFitters Need Chiropractic?

Crossfit and Chiropractic are a perfect match because they are both based on positive lifestyle.
In Crossfit, we constantly push ourselves to the limit and are reaching new levels of fitness. It has been exciting for me to see the gradual progression in my fitness levels since I started crossfit in April of 2010. I remember the first day that I did Fran. It took me over 13 minutes and I lifted only 75 pounds. Boy have I come a long way.

Wellness Chiropractic is similar. When you come to our office for the first time, the exam we perform on you allows us to establish a benchmark health level for you. We use several different testing protocols that help us and you to literally see where your health is not functioning at 100%.

One of these testing procedures allows us to measure how effectively your nerve system is firing to your muscles and organs. This is huge for crossfitters because then you can do specific stretches to increase your performance by improving the “ease” of your nerves firing. You can check out a short video here that explains this testing and the benefits you will get by having it done.

I’m not just talking about your performance at the gym either. Your overall health performance will improve which will help you reverse some of the effects of aging. In other words, keep you young and fit longer.

In addition to the performance of your nerves firing, during your exam we look at your posture. For example, if your head is too far forward in relation to the rest of your body then you have decreased your lung capacity. Check out this short video that talks about forward head posture (FHP) and see if you may be suffering from this. (You can have FHP and NOT feel pain in the neck or back)

During the exam you will also be able to see if there are any abnormal curves in your spine that will cause early arthritis. One young person I worked with last year started having low back pain after doing dead lifts. Her form was perfect but her lower spine had such a curvature in it that it simply could not stand up to the force. If they would have known about the problem in their spine early on in their crossfit days, they could have avoided a lengthy recovery process. In fact, last I talked with this person they were still not back to their pre-injury status. The damage is likely to affect her the rest of her life.

So these are some reasons why we recommend every crossfitter have a chiropractic evaluation to establish a baseline of performance and prevent injuries. This evaluation could be the difference in you being able to do crossfit or not.

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